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Cave Diving and C1 class

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Hello Divers,

GUE Cave-instructor Irene Homberger and I would like to invite for a visit to Cave land in France in the beginning of September 2018. We will offer fantastic cave diving for certified cave divers and Irene will offer a GUE Cave 1 class.

The flight takes us to Toulouse on 1 September and then we continue by car to Gramat and our accommodation. We have booked a chalet style accommodation for the whole group and all meals will be provided so we can focus on the diving.

The Cave 1 class will take place on 2-7 and the return is planned for 8 September. If there is an interest to stay on after the class, that can also be arranged.

The minimum certification level is GUE C1 for diving and GUE Fundamentals with a Tech pass for the Cave 1 class.

For all questions and to sign up, please contact me on [email protected]


Irene and Per


From now no slot left for C1 - glad to use this opportunity :-)
We now have one slot left for the C1-class and still some beds available for the rest of us - early booking encouraged...
Sista startutrop för grottdykning i Frankrike för GUE Sweden. Den första mars kommer vi öppna den här kursen och resan för icke-GUE Sweden deltagande... Först till kvarn...
So cool this is gonna happen! Thank you Per


Samedi 1. septembre 2018, à 12:00


Gramat, France

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Per Normark, Gramat

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