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David Krakauer Abraham Inc in La Rochelle

Qu'est ce qui est proposé?

An unprecedented collaboration between three cultural visionaries: DAVID KRAKAUER, champion of klezmer music and world-class clarinetist; legendary funk trombonist and arranger FRED WESLEY, celebrated for his work with James Brown and George Clinton; and hip-hop renegade and beat architect SOCALLED – Abraham Inc. heralds a time when boundaries are eroding, mutual respect is presumed, and musical traditions can hit with full force without concession or appropriation. Backed by a three-piece horn section led by Wesley plus musicians who collaborate frequently with Krakauer and Socalled – and the result is an all-out klezmer-funk dance party!
Note: We will also be launching a new digital EP on this tour available worldwide in November on Table Pounding Records in celebration of the Abraham Inc. reunion tour!


Dimanche 26. novembre 2017, à 18:00


La Sirene
111 boulevard Emile Delmas
17000 La Rochelle

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